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Your Personalized Hand Stitched Double Embroidery Set. The joining of two families is celebrated in the joining of two coats of arms and are accentuated by the gold bullion thread and French silk that are crafted in the stitching. This work of art is then framed in our Black Accented Double Frame and includes two family name histories both framed and matted to complete the Set. Also included are explanations for both family coat of arms, making this a true one of a kind masterpiece.

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11 reviews for Double Embroidery Set

  1. Cameron Myer

    Super happy with the product, appreciate the research and work that went into it. Definitely 5 stars!

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  2. Mike Langan

    Very high quality products and in-depth research done, highly recommend

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  3. Alex Rodriguez

    Y’know, this was probably one of the best purchases I have made! The whole process of My Lineage was smooth and gave me a great glimpse into my family’s name!

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  4. Timothy Tucker

    The service is better than I had expected. My mother to be specific loves the coat of arms. I had gotten for her birthday. I’d gladly make another purchase, maybe the sword for my dad this time. 10/10

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  5. Landon Snyder

    An absolutely amazing experience with these guys. They kept me updated from the start when I first purchased my package. It’s a long process which wait is worth every second.

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  6. Jackie Whitlow Leonhardt

    We recently purchased the Double Embroidery Set while being stationed in Iwakuni, Japan. Martin did a wonderful job assisting with the process of selecting the perfect set for our family. He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly throughout the entire process. He kept us up to date on the status of our order and helped make sure we were pleased with the final product. Our crests came out beautifully, and the histories of our families were very interesting to read. These are very high quality sets, and they look great in our home. After showing the frames to our parents, they were eager to order one of their own. Thank you for everything!!

    Double Embroidery Set
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  7. Seth Wells

    Definitely worth the wait! My family and I got to open the package together. We were all astounded by our history and excited to hang up the Family Crest! Even got a few friends interested! Thanks a lot!

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  8. Jarrod Clark

    I purchased the double coat of arms with both mine and my wife’s family history. Products came out awesome.

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  9. Heraclio Borjas

    Cannot describe how well in detail the research went into my family’s history!

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  10. Jordan Peay

    With this set, I got to get research done on my biological and adopted lineage.

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  11. Jamison Hutchinson

    I got a family crest for both sides of the family. Several months later it arrived, along with all sorts of cool extra stuff that gave both our family names and crests so much more context and history. It’s fascinating, and they now proudly hang on our family room wall for all to see!

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Proudly display your own personalized hand stitched Double Embroidery Set. The joining of two families is celebrated with the unification of two coats of arms, accentuated by the gold bullion thread and French silk used in the stitching. This work of art is then mounted in our Black Accented Double Frame and includes two family name histories, both framed and matted to complete the set. Also included are explanations of both family coats of arms, making this a true one of a kind masterpiece.

The two coats of arms represent the respective countries of the bride and groom. This beautiful piece can be further customized with their anniversary date and children’s names, resulting in an heirloom to be passed down for generations.

Beautifully and individually hand-stitched, our coat of arms banners are crafted on velvet using gold bullion thread and French silk. Our expert artists use a comprehensive palette of threads to perfectly match the coloring of your family coat of arms.

We pride ourselves on authenticity, so our experts meticulously execute every detail by hand to produce a true one of a kind gift for someone special (maybe yourself!). This beautiful set is one of our customer favorites and makes for a fantastic personalized gift that you will not find anywhere else.

In a set like this, it is customary to display the man’s name on the left and the woman’s on the right. Please use the boxes to enter the names and countries of origin in the order you would like them displayed.

Your Double Embroidery Set includes two beautifully hand-stitched coats of arms framed together. Each family name history includes the name’s country of origin, meaning, and a wealth of fascinating historical records.

All family histories are certified with a Seal of Authenticity.


• Double Frame – 20" x 17"
• Family Name History Frame x 2 – 16" x 13.5"

Hand Crafted

• Two family crests linked, and custom hand stitched in gold bullion thread and French silk
• Optional further personalization with wedding anniversary and children’s names

Framed and Matted Heritage Map

20.5" x 15.5"

Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Detailed Explanation of all the colors and symbols