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Marvel at the exquisite stitching of your Family Banner! Showcase your family coat of arms on a velvet background. This set includes your family coat of arms banner, your personal family name history, and a full explanation of all the symbols and colors featured in your coat of arms, complemented with a mount to proudly display your family’s celebration of their heritage.

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11 reviews for Banner Set

  1. Eli Cravens

    The history of my family was super in depth and my entire family loved it. The crest was beautifully made and looks amazing over the fireplace. The app was easy to use and it was fun to see every time an update came on how stuff was coming along.

    Banner Set
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  2. Ian Conkright

    I was very interested in the idea of learning my family history along with our country of origin. I talked to Shane and he was very respectful and helpful, giving very good insight along with walking me through the MyLineage process. He also stayed in touch and was not hard to contact. I am very impressed with the way my hand embroidered banner came out as well as the the packaging. The history text document and map had very nice almost medieval style font and style which complemented the idea of delving way back into my family history all the way back from the 1600s. Overall I am very impressed not only with the way my package came out!

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  3. Nicholas LoBiondo

    My Lineage is a fantastic company, and know what they’re doing! I got a coat of arms and plaque. The coat of arms is a beautiful piece, it looks great and feels nice. It’s amazing quality and is a definitely going to get some attention at family functions. The information on the plaque was also mind blowing, My Lineage was able to recall and site different people in my family at different times through the years. Providing my family with information not even they knew. My experience with My Lineage was great from the moment I ordered to the day I got my package. It was great.

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  4. Triston Hronich

    An amazing family gift. They are very friendly and helpful. I personally worked with Shane, who was there every step of the way and answered every question I had over the months, and made sure it was affordable for me. The product is worth the wait, the amount of time and research that is put into the high quality products is worth all the time and money and it will last life times.

    Banner Set
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  5. Talon Hilligas

    Beautiful products and packages, exactly as offered. I received my family’s banner, and learned a lot about my family’s history

    Thank you to my sales representative for helping me through the ordering process!

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  6. Jesse Rowberry

    We ended up deciding on getting a banner set for my father who had always felt that he didn’t know enough about his family. When he opened his Christmas present, he wept tears of joy that I will never forget. I thank my sales representative for creating this wonderful opportunity for me to get closer to my father.

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  7. Maksym Viniarsky

    This company has really surprised me and fulfilled my expectations beyond what I could have set!!!
    My heritage is Ukrainian, and if you know anything about Eastern Europe history, the USSR was ruthless and destroyed all forms of paper trails of many countries. Because of that I was very skeptical since I figured my lineage would probably not be found. Turned out to be the exact opposite! The process typically takes a month or so but as I stated, the process for my name took roughly 4-6 months. Knowing my family history fairly well, nobody has ever mentioned a family crest or any sort of insignias that are associated with me (clearly I wasn’t royalty). So when I was communicating with Peter Lee (amazing sales person and great customer service representative) on the project, there was a constant back and forth of information talked about. The research that the team did was detailed, cited, notarized, translated, and just overall amazing. I really loved the fact that I was being briefed on the research that has been done and the status of the next part that will take place. What really made this a one of a kind project is the engraving, that I requested to be ‘written’ in Ukrainian instead of English. Being fluent in a language and seeing the true form of your name, truly makes a difference instead of just the English version of my name. Close examination of the item shows real craftsmanship and detail. The colors in the threads are vibrant and the overall piece is silky smooth. It was a very nice personal touch to be constantly talking with Peter instead of a live chat/ customer support/ some other agent. I met Peter and we had a great conversation about the overall company and then keeping the same agent who remembers me by name and keeps me updated on everything was a delight. Didn’t have to deal with multiple agents and being treated like a number in a ticket queue, one on one continuous helpful service.
    Overall I love the idea that this company provides and the craftsmanship from the team is stunning. I will say the price is definitely a bit on the higher side, but it all depends on how much do you value your name and how much does it mean to you. Seeing the final product and the progress and everything that has been done step by step…I would buy their service again (honestly check out their swords that are associated with your name…next paycheck here I come). They do say that if you bundle and want to buy more next time around, their prices are in your favor. Its the initial cost that you pay for their very deep research they do for your profile that they can then apply to other items.

    Banner Set
    Banner Set
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  8. Cody Cabaniss

    Well worth the money for what you receive!! A perfect gift for a family proud of their name. Every piece bought turns out beautifully made. Plenty of good people like my sales representative who help with finding the right plan and payment options for what you want, paid my order off easily over the course of 6-7 months with little issue. Couldn’t be happier about it!

    Banner Set
    Banner Set
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  9. Patrick Emery

    I wanted to look a little into my grandfather’s side of the family’s history a bit because all I know is that my family came from Ireland prior to coming to America. My lineage has a stand that they set up every now and then at the Bx mini mall at Sheppard AFB. I got set up with a package that I’m going to send to my grandfather for christmas and I’m really satisfied with how it turned out. My Lineage did a great job and I think my grandfather is going to love his Christmas present

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  10. Michael Chambers

    my crest came out absolutely perfect, the quality is more that worth the wait, bein able to find out where my name is originally from is just amazing,

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  11. Brandon Williams

    Ended up getting the coat of arms and the history sheet for my dads birthday. Thank you for working with me and explaining everything which made it possible for me to get my father something meaningful.

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Marvel at the exquisite stitching of your Family Banner! Showcase your family coat of arms on a velvet background. This set includes your family coat of arms banner, your personal family name history, and a full explanation of all the symbols and colors featured in your coat of arms, complemented with a mount to proudly display your family’s celebration of their heritage.

In the Middle Ages, arms were often displayed on fork-tailed pennons attached to lances. If the forked ends were cut away, the resulting flag was similar in shape to a small banner. It was a means of recognizing particularly valorous conduct, and a knight thus distinguished was known as a knight banneret. The banner bears its owner’s arms, mirroring a square shield.

Heraldic symbols offer an incredible customized work of art, representing the family’s hopes and ambitions throughout the centuries. Celebrate an ancient tradition that will be treasured by your family for generations to come.

Give the gift of your family coat of arms individually hand-stitched on velvet, featuring gold bullion thread and French silk. With painstaking attention to detail, our expert artists use a comprehensive palette of threads to precisely match the coloring of your family coat of arms.

We pride ourselves on authenticity, providing you a truly one of a kind gift for any special person in your life.

These hand embroidered family heirlooms are produced by specially trained experts to depict the emblems of heraldry as they were first employed centuries ago. This proud tradition lives on through vibrant colors and detailed images. All family coats of arms and family crests are authentic down to the last detail.

The Banner Set (Family Crest Set) comes complete with a family name history and embroidered coat of arms, just as it would have been displayed centuries ago – truly remarkable!

All family coats of arms and family crests are entirely authentic.

The uppermost portion of the banner is equipped with loops for easy display. We include a brass bar and tassels so you can easily display your banner.

Your family name history includes your name’s country of origin, the meaning of your name, and a wealth of fascinating historical records.

All family histories are certified with a Seal of Authenticity.

Banner Dimensions

21" x 15"

Hand Crafted

Family crest custom hand stitched in gold bullion thread and French silk

Framed and Matted Family History

20.5" x 15.5"

Family Coat of Arms – Crest

Detailed Explanation of all the colors and symbols