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The Sword and Banner Set includes your Family Heritage Sword, Family Coat of Arms Banner, a framed detailed surname history, and a full explanation of all the symbols and colors featured on your coat of arms. All of this is complemented by a mount to proudly display your family’s celebration of their warrior heritage.

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27 reviews for Sword & Banner Set

  1. Ignasio Ramirez

    I absolutely loved the coat of arms, history, and the sword! Thank you My Lineage!

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  2. Taylor Davis

    I ordered the sword and coat of arms set and wasn’t disappointed in the least. Everything was high quality and the payment plans were extremely manageable. In fact, i would say that i may add to my mylineage collection in the future.

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  3. Richard Bazzel

    I recently received my order from My Lineage and I was absolutely amazed when I opened the box. The sword is beautifully crafted and the banner of my family crest is beautiful. The quality of the products I received is second to none. Honestly a wonderful gift to my parents and they loved it! I definitely plan on working with My Lineage again, the customer service is just as excellent as the products they offer. I really appreciate the care and effort they put into working with me.

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  4. Timothy Toerney

    Made my purchase a few months ago and just got it. The sword was amazing more than I could have asked for. The family crest was of amazing quality. There was so much to go over and learn about my family. The man that helped me make the choice for this product made me feel welcome to the My Lineage brand and showed respect and kindness. Me and my family are extremely satisfied with what we received.

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  5. Robert Brogan

    My family loved that I was able to get them historically accurate documentation and information about are family’s past and history it gives the family something to look at in inspiration and pride love seeing my family’s crest and banner with broad sword.

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  6. Tom Gallino

    Met with Aaron back in San Antonio, great guy to work with. He broke down what steps the company takes to find the family lineage. Also, having the interaction on the website allows you to stay in time with the progress they’ve made. I received the deluxe package which came with the sword, coat of arms as well as the name history. The sword is absolutely marvelous. 10/10 would recommend.

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  7. Jake Begley

    For my wonderful experience with MyLineage I worked with an amazing guy named Jack, he was super polite and straightforward and honest, which really grabbed my attention, he put in a lot of work and effort to make sure every question was answered and every need was met. When my package finally arrived everything was in mint condition and quality made, they really showed how much effort and care went into every person’s background! Worth every dollar and cent and I plan to do another dive with my other family name soon!!!!

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  8. Charles Reynolds

    I remember talking to my representative while I was in my MOS school house. Having a huge interest in my lineage and wanting to know where I’m from, he had caught my attention when he first started asking about it. It was awesome talking to him and when I figured out that I could order a Claymore sword I didn’t hesitate a moment and ordered it. I just received it a few weeks ago and It looks amazing along with the family crest and the map and detailed text about where I originated from. Awesome service overall!

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  9. Bob Leighton

    I bought my family crest and sword along with our family history. Everything came packed carefully, and there was a ton of care put into creating the sword and researching my family name.

    I highly recommend to people who want a beautiful sword, crest and history of your family name.

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  10. Austin Gretzlock

    I surprised my family with my purchase. My lineage is really a great company to check out, especially if you’re interested in your family name or heritage and everything that’s promised comes in time and in pristine condition

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  11. Marco Garcia

    Amazing quality. My family received the package with no problems and loved it! The sword especially is high quality and authentic.

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  12. Mason Engle

    My experience with My Lineage was absolutely amazing. I decided to get this as a gift for my father, and as soon as he opened up the box, he was in love with the sword, and the family crest.

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  13. Talon Hilligas

    Beautiful products and packages, exactly as offered. I received my family’s sword and banner, and learned a lot about my family’s history

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  14. Joseph Gizel

    I received the sword and banner set and it was amazing and the amount of research on it was amazing and the sword came out amazing from Italy!❤️❤️

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  15. Zachary Travis

    Saw these guys with some swords in front of the BX at Keesler. Figured I’d see what it was about, and found out it’s a program that traces old family names and finds out about them. I went for the basic package which gets you a flag, family crest and description, and map with the origin location. The app also keeps you updated of the process, and sends messages about what they’ve found and other info. 10 outta 10 service, and a priceless gift for my family!!

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  16. Jesse Rowberry

    I got this for my father who had always felt that he didn’t know enough about his family. When he opened his Christmas present, he wept tears of joy that I will never forget. Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity for me to get closer to my father.

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  17. Kieran Redman

    Absolutely Beautiful results! I found out about my linage through a stand at my base and the guys were obsoletely incredible and informative! I ordered the sword and Family crest and within a few months it was delivered. would highly recommend!

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  18. Taylor Fly

    I was always curious of how far back and where exactly my heritage really began but it wasn’t until I met my My Lineage representative who told me about the research they could do and that they could go as far back as they could document, as well as get a few interesting details on how the family grew on its name with a few key points, the props based on the heritage origin we’re also neat and interesting. (Family Crest Banner and Common heritage weapon) Overall good with updates and service focused around what you want to know and have. Would recommend My Lineage to anyone curious of their own origin or backgrounds.

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  19. Jeffrey Stinger

    I was in Pensacola around November 2020 when I saw a stand set up with a bunch of beautiful swords and shields, along with many various maps.

    One of the people there started talking to me about what the company was about, and it certainly piqued my interest right away. He went the extra mile for me and explained every piece and what each package contained, along with detailed pricing information.

    From seeing the stand to receiving my own package including a fantastic, genuine sword (my favorite part by far), my representative helped me with any questions and even the creation of an account to track the research progress and manage my payment.

    Now all I need is a suit of armor and a horse…

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  20. Nathan Davis

    I ordered a Claymore sword from My Lineage with some help from Jack, who is one of the nicest people I have met by the way. He showed me everything they had to offer and helped me pick out a bundle that was perfect for me. He also kept me informed on how long it would take and messaged me when it was arriving soon. When it arrived, I was ecstatic to pick up and hold the sword. It looked beautiful and has an amazing feel to it. The coat of arms was also breathtaking with its rich colors and detailed design. I am definitely considering getting some more stuff in the future.

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  21. Yanira Lockett

    I was stuck between a rock and old books trying to surprise my dad with a piece of his history. They were the best in helping me understand that I was on the right track and helped me build an account, helped me track down our coat of arms and sword and signet ring and my dad was over the moon with joy to see his name embroidered beneath a beautiful coat of arms. Thank you for helping me get my dad the best Christmas gift I’ll definitely be calling soon to get my mother’s crest tracked down!

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  22. Daid Baijense

    Yo My Lineage was great I bought the research package with the sword, I received it a few months after buying it due to the custom swords and family crest. Overall it was a great experience, if you have the money and patience, purchases from this company and people are great. Payments are easy to do and they have plenty of resources so if you need anything just hit them up and ask😉🙃👍.

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  23. Sal Calabro

    One of the most memorable items I have bought in a while. Already hung up over my fire place, a Coat of Arms, and a Sword that represents Italian heritage that I am most proud of. If it wasnt for My Lineage, I wouldnt ever have the heartwarming feeling I get when I look over at my fireplace and see my heritages sword, forged in Spain, genuinely crafted and detailed to all Heaven, amongst the Covid outbreak. It is memorable, and just an indescribable feeling.

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  24. Dusty Newberry

    I just got my sword and coat of arms set I absolutely love everything the details are amazing thank you Shane for all your help though out this process you were super friendly and very helpful

    Sword & Banner Set
    Sword & Banner Set
    Sword & Banner Set
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  25. Jimilynn Moree

    I met one of their representatives and he helped me get set up with a great package with an amazing deal that was reserved for military members. He has even kept in contact ever so often to make sure all went well with the process! Very tentative individual that takes his work to heart.

    I couldn’t be happier with my research they all have done and the quality of my Sword and the layout of my family names history. I’m even going to do it again for my husbands family name! It’s a great work of art and history that will be passed down throughout the years and hopefully will bring as much respect for our ancestors as it has for me.

    Sword & Banner Set
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  26. Jonathan Lane

    My consultant was extremely helpful from the beginning. He helped me understand and continued to help when i had questions regarding the reasearch. My family and I have liked the history of the blade. Its something that makes us feel good about carrying our family name.

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  27. Ben Meyers

    Had a good experience with my lineage. Good quality products, as far as the sword and coat of arms, and good follow up by the guys on the team.

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The Sword and Banner Set includes your Family Heritage Sword, Family Coat of Arms Banner, a framed detailed surname history, and a full explanation of all the symbols and colors featured on your coat of arms. All of this is complemented by a mount to proudly display your family’s celebration of their warrior heritage.

During medieval times, the sword was the most personal, prestigious, and versatile weapon for close combat. The heavy sword of medieval chivalry had a large hilt, with a large protective guard or pommel at the top. The blade was straight, double-edged, and pointed. It was fabricated through repeated firing and hammering, known as tempering. Toledo, Spain was a globally renowned center of the craft.

In the Middle Ages, arms were often displayed on fork-tailed pennons attached to lances. If the forked ends were cut away, the resulting flag was similar in shape to a small banner. It was a means of recognizing particularly valorous conduct, and a knight thus distinguished was known as a knight banneret. The banner bears its owner’s arms, mirroring a square shield. Today, most jurisdictions allow anyone possessing arms to carry a heraldic flag in that form.

Each Sword is certified and engraved with the stamp “Marto-Toledo” to signify that it was designed, developed, and manufactured in Toledo, Spain by recognized expert artists, craftsmen, and sword masters to bring you the very best quality heritage sword.

Beautifully and individually hand-stitched, our coat of arms banners are crafted on velvet with gold bullion thread and French silk. Our expert artists use a comprehensive palette of threads to match the coloring of your family coat of arms.

We pride ourselves on authenticity, offering a truly one of a kind gift for that someone special!

These masterful works of art are meticulously embroidered by hand. With painstaking attention to detail, our artists capture the full glory of your coat of arms.

The uppermost portion of the banner is equipped with loops the width of the sword, perfect as an easy means of display.

As our professional historians research your family legacy, we will complete your set with the sword corresponding to your heritage.

Your family name history includes your name’s country of origin, the meaning of your name, and a wealth of fascinating historical records.

All family histories are certified with a Seal of Authenticity.


Corresponds with your Family’s Heritage.

Banner Dimensions

21" x 15"

Hand Crafted

• Tempered AISI 440 stainless steel.
• Family Crest custom hand stitched in Gold Bullion thread and French silk.

Framed and Matted Family History

20.5" x 15.5"

Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Detailed explanation of all featured colors and symbols