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Sword – 2 Banner & Map Set

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The Sword and Double Banner Set includes your Family Heritage Sword, Two Family Coat of Arms Banners, two detailed framed and matted family surname histories of both family name’s and two full explanations of all the symbols and colors on both family coat of arms plus a mount to proudly display your family’s celebration of their warrior heritage.

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11 reviews for Sword – 2 Banner & Map Set

  1. Diana Talkington

    My rep was EXTREMELY polite and courteous! I’m so glad I ordered our family heritage. The sword was more than I could have imagined! Beautiful work on all pieces in my set. I will order again!

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  2. Tony Fox

    Got this sword package just in time for the holidays, my family loved it! It took long enough that I forgot we got the sword, so it came as a surprise package after Christmas. Very much worth the deal!

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  3. Thomas Earl

    Enjoyed the product a lot! The updates the app provides was reassuring especially for those who like making purchases and forget about them later on. Customer service was very kind as well and are to the point with your questions if you have any for the product if thats more your style. All in all everyone in my family are enjoying our sword and emblems!

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  4. Benny Lyons

    It was wonderful working with these guys and getting both sides of my family banner sets. They turned out great! Would recommend 10/10.

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  5. Matthew Bailey

    I purchased this My Lineage package a while back. The handmade crests were truly beautiful and the amount of research that went into the entire package was astounding! Make sure you all work with them, they were amazing to work with!

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  6. Marcus Sciara

    I cant recomend it enough, the customer service was lovely and my sales representative made sure everything went smoothly from helping me set up my account to following up with me after everything had arrived. The quality of the sword I received as well as the maps and banners is even better than what I had hoped for.

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  7. Adam Perkins, II

    My experience with My Lineage was awesome. I was very pleased with the products. The sword, coats of arms, and history of my two families sit proudly in my living quarters for guests to see. Thanks!

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  8. Tristan Fetty

    Like a lot of people it took awhile to get my package but when my mom told me that the package arrived we were nothing but impressed. My family and I think The My Lineage program have done a phenomenal job finding the greatest details of my family and the history behind our names, and my family thanks you for that as they’re amazed by the work that’s been put since day one. Product quality is what you expect out of a company who cares for each and every customer they meet. I can’t thank you enough Keep doing what you’re doing!

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  9. Austin Mata

    I highly recommend this if you decide to want to research your lineage. They’ve done so well, helping me along the way and everything matches up with my results from my ancestry as well! It’s absolutely amazing what they can do, I mean it accurately portrayed what part of Spain both of my family names come from! Beautiful product that you can make an heirloom out of.

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  10. James Cordiner

    I’ve always been a history nerd especially my personal family history. While I was in Wichita Falls I saw My Lineage and had an amazing time talking about what research can be done and help with the process. I absolutely love the coats of arms and of course the sword. My family loved what they did, definitely recommend My Lineage.

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  11. Matt Luna

    Awesome experience. Got the full package with the sword, coat of arms and family histories. It was worth every penny. Would recommend to anyone without a doubt

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The Sword and Double Banner Set includes your Family Heritage Sword, Two Family Coat of Arms Banners, two detailed framed and matted family surname histories of both family name’s and two full explanations of all the symbols and colors on both family coat of arms plus a mount to proudly display your family’s celebration of their warrior heritage.

During the medieval period, the sword was the most personal, prestigious, and versatile weapon for close combat. The heavy sword of medieval chivalry had a large hilt, with a large protective guard or pommel at the top. The blade was straight, double-edged, and pointed. It was fabricated through repeated firing and hammering, known as tempering. Toledo, Spain was a globally renowned center of the craft.

In the Middle Ages, arms were often displayed on fork-tailed pennons attached to lances. If the forked ends were cut away, the resulting flag was similar in shape to a small banner. It was a means of recognizing particularly valorous conduct, and a knight thus distinguished was known as a knight banneret. The banner bears its owner’s arms, mirroring a square shield. Today, most jurisdictions allow anyone possessing arms to carry a heraldic flag in that form.

Each Sword is certified and engraved with the stamp “Marto-Toledo” to signify that it was designed, developed, and manufactured in Toledo, Spain by recognized expert artists, craftsmen, and sword masters to bring you the very best quality heritage sword.

Beautifully and individually hand-stitched, our coat of arms banners are crafted using gold bullion thread and French silk on velvet. Our expert artists use a complete palette of threads to perfectly match the coloring of your family coat of arms.

We pride ourselves on authenticity down to the last detail. Our experts painstakingly execute every detail by hand to capture the genuine glory of your coat of arms. The result is a true one of a kind gift for yourself or for someone special.

Both banners are equipped with loops at the top corresponding to the sword width, perfectly matched for display.

As our historian’s research and gain insight into your family history, we will complete your set with a sword corresponding to your personal heritage.

With sets of this kind, it is customary to use the sword representing the male’s name as the means of display. Please enter the desired names and countries of origin in the boxes to clarify which heritage sword we should include in your package.

Each family name history includes your name’s country of origin, the meaning of your name, along with fascinating historical records.

All family histories are certified with a Seal of Authenticity.

Included in this package is an old-world map of your family’s country of origin. It is an impressive visual display from whence you came, the place your forefathers proudly called home and fought to defend centuries ago!


Corresponding to your family’s heritage

Banner Dimensions

21" x 15"

Hand Crafted

• Tempered AISI 440 stainless steel
• Family Crest custom hand stitched in Gold Bullion thread and French silk.

Framed and Matted Family History

20.5" x 15.5"

Framed and Matted Heritage Map

20.5" x 15.5 "

Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Detailed explanation of all featured colors and symbols