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Exquisite Single Embroidery custom hand stitching. Showcase your family coat of arms on a black velvet background. Displayed in a stylish wooden frame, doubled matted with your personal family name history!

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13 reviews for Single Embroidery Set

  1. Timothy Hill

    Great customer service and quality products. I would recommend this to anyone interested learning about their heritage and preserving it.

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  2. Dael Utherikke

    High quality and exactly as advertised. Especially for Military super helpful and answer any questions you have. So fun to learn who I am and where I’ve come from, my family loved it as well. High praise, shoutout to the team for answering every question under the sun I had.

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  3. Nathan Bowers

    My Lineage provided a great service to my family and I. The history and in depth research was amazing, informative, and enlightened me quite a lot about my family name and lineage. The coat of arms was beautiful and well made. The customer service was also great, helpful and kind and helped me to bring a piece of my family’s history home. I highly recommend.

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  4. Ryan Cooper

    Overall a great experience with wonderful people. The crest looks beautiful

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  5. Kyle Nolan

    Information was extremely accurate to my family’s own research and the coat of arms was beautiful, My Lineage helped me with any problem I had even months after the order was placed. Definitely recommend my lineage to others.

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  6. Wellington Overman

    The vintage maps, and ancient history of family names, add depth, to our family’s knowledge of our heritage. The rich colours of thread used in the Coat-of-Arms, are a delight to behold.

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  7. Jeff O’Connell

    Met with a man who was showing off the company outside of the NEX, real friendly guy who helped set me up with the process. Speaking of the process, it’s really easy and worry free, it was really nice to have the app always there in case I wanted to check on how the research was going. Got my history with a great coat of arms, im very pleased with what I paid for and you will be too.

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  8. Josh Rollins

    I love all the new things I have learned about my family name. Gives me some extra pride to see the family crest on the wall.

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  9. Phillip Giannakis

    I signed up for the package with the map, origin of my last name, significant things my direct ancestors did as well as the coat of arms. my family is pleased and I am amazed of my ancestry. it was well worth the wait that’s for sure

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  10. Jordan Weakley

    I loved my experience here! The research was amazing and my parents loved it and I look forward to working with them again, it was a great experience and I’ll definitely come again

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  11. Adam Bruce

    Excellent customer service I’m stationed in Fort Bliss Texas and twice in the last two years I have met a fellow named Trevor who works for My Lineage has helped me out both times and I am so proud of this collection I have.

    Single Embroidery Set
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  12. Christian Zegel

    I am happy when I was able to trace back my heritage to the beginning of Prussia. I am also happy with the Coats of Arms that came with it. The more you know.

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  13. Aaron Collins

    Met My Lineage at fort sill and very impressed with the outcome the family research was awesome!!!

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Exquisite Single Embroidery custom hand stitching. Showcase your family coat of arms on a black velvet background. Displayed in a stylish wooden frame, doubled matted with your personal family name history!

Heraldic symbols form a superior customized work of art, representing the family’s hopes and ambitions throughout the centuries. Celebrate an ancient tradition that will be treasured by your family for generations to come.

Gift your family coat of arms individually hand-stitched on velvet, featuring gold bullion thread and French silk. With painstaking attention to detail, our expert artists use a comprehensive palette of threads to match the coloring of your family coat of arms.

We pride ourselves on authenticity, providing you a truly one of a kind gift for that someone special (possibly yourself!).

These hand embroidered family heirlooms are produced by specially trained experts at depicting the emblems of heraldry as they were first employed centuries ago. This proud tradition lives on in the vibrant colors and detailed images. All family coats of arms and family crests are authentic down to the last detail.

The Single Embroidery Set (Family Crest Set) comes complete with a family name history and embroidered coat of arms, framed together in double matting – truly exquisite!

Your family name history includes your family’s country of origin, the meaning of your name, and a wealth of fascinating historical records.

Each family history is certified with a Seal of Authenticity.


28" x 16"

Hand Crafted

Family Crest custom hand stitched in gold bullion thread and French silk

Framed Family Coat of Arms and Family History in Double Matted Setting

28" x 16"

Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Detailed explanation of all featured colors and symbols