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Reference Resources - Authenticity Guaranteed

Authenticity Guaranteed

We use trusted and credible resources to provide our customers with authentic and thoroughly researched family surnames, coats of arms and family crests. We guarantee authentic historical accuracy not only through our resource library, but also the expert historians who conduct the research. All of our deliveries are backed by a seal of authenticity. 

“Just imagine exploring your heritage and displaying your family coat of arms proudly in your home, as it would have been centuries ago.” Now your kids will never have questions left unanswered about their heritage. What a gift!

Our professional historians have over 30 years of experience, beginning in Europe at a center for records and information on onomastics (the study of the origins and forms of proper names), family crests, and heraldry.

Our center has the largest research facility of its kind in the world, with original books dating back to the 1600s and reproduced manuscripts and documents from even earlier centuries.

Our library also includes reference books relating to people in history, passenger lists of old sailing ships, immigrant lists, among many other reference sources, all of which are used to compile research and collect information about the people throughout history who have borne your name.

Many of our books are written in the language specific to the region that they cover. We pride ourselves on working with multilingual research historians and printed documents that are written in the native language. All of our information is from documented sources and researched in our own headquarters. 

You do not just have to take our word for it, take a quick second and check out our customer reviews

The heraldic insignias delivered by My Lineage comply with the “law of arms” responsible bodies: The Chief Herald, Ireland; The Officer in Waiting (College of Arms), London; The Lord Lyon King of Arms, Scotland; among other heraldic colleges.

Our family name histories are original and individually researched. Every aspect of historical data they contain can be authenticated and traced back to the source references from our library.

The blazon of arms and crest described in the family surname history and executed in a variety of expert artistic methods by My Lineage, are found in historically accurate armorial compendiums widely accepted by heraldic scholars.

Your family name is your link to the past – ancient customs, distinguished ancestors, and a heritage that has helped define who you and your family are today.

Surnames are identifiers and a source of family pride, providing a link to your familial heritage. There is honor in passing down your family name to future generations, along with the history of your ancestry.

You can trust us with your lineage.  

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We are committed to surpassing our customers’ expectations by creating long lasting relationships through attentive customer service. We deliver the finest custom crafted family coats of arms, family crests, heritage shields and swords to treasure for generations to come!

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