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The Warrior Set is a true military representation of your family heritage! Your set comes complete with your heritage sword, a family shield bearing your family coat of arms, and a framed history of your family name. As we research and gain insight into your country of origin, we will complete your warrior set with a sword corresponding to your heritage.

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10 reviews for Warrior & Map Set

  1. Victor Humphrey

    It was a great experience and allowed me to give something to my family after what they gave to me. They assisted me with a financial plan and time I even got it before Christmas as an early present

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  2. Shawn Manns

    I met My Lineage at the NEX on base and it was very nice to talk about history and the whole process involved. My grandfather had recently passed and had a strong connection with our distant family relatives. Our family origin was so important to him and he kept us all in contact with a couple of them during family gatherings. After his passing I decided this package would be the perfect Christmas gift for my parents. They loved it and after reading everything I was amazed by the quality and details of it all. My grandfather would have been so overjoyed. Thank you again! You made mine and my family’s day this Christmas.

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  3. Taylor Wise

    My dad opened up the package and was amazed at what he seen. He couldn’t believe how he much time and effort that went into everything. He was really excited to see the sword and shield. Just by the craftsmanship you can tell how professional they are. I would recommend this to anyone if they are looking for a gift for there family.

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  4. Kaotikrogue

    The sword and shield are both really epic. Received my stuff once it was ready it was nice. I almost forgot about the fact that I was even paying for it and then a large package showed up outside my house.

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  5. Ricardo Perez

    I met with My Lineage back in December of last year at the PX in Fort Leonard Wood. Great guys, at first I was very skeptical of the big price tag on the service but after further discussions, they helped put it into perspective for me. This is a gift that will stay in the family for generations to come, hang it up on the family house and leave it there for as long as it can. Took about five months to finish but the wait was worth it. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you

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  6. Stuart Reckseit

    I met My Lineage in Pensacola, Florida, and they explained the process to me. They also showed me all of the items I could purchase, like a sword, a shield, and authentic, historical descriptions of my family’s origin. I was so intrigued by the thought of knowing more about my heritage, that I couldn’t resist making a purchase. The representatives there were very helpful in helping me with pricing and picking my items. Overall, everything went smoothly.

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  7. Diego Petris

    I love that, all the things I buy, the Frame’s, the Shield, the sword, everything is look like perfect and I will get more things soon. Thank guys for doing your hard work to make my history on real details

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  8. Wayne Zurbrugg

    I was met by one of the reps in my tech school while I was stationed at Sheppard AFB and I got talking to him about what they do over at My Lineage and I was very intrigued by what they offered. He told me that if I just gave them my last name and origin, if I knew, then My Lineage could do research through almost any means to look into your family’s name. They were able to track back to late 1500’s and find out where my name came from. Once they have your info and what they’ve found it all is printed out and you can have it styled in many ways including a authentic shield or sword or even a flag. My family was very surprised by the gift and all love it! I would recommend it to anyone curious if where they came from.

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  9. Justin Armstrong

    From the wonderful service to the beautiful product, this is honestly one of the best gifts I could have ever given my dad. He’s one of the toughest people to get gifts for, and with the help of Jack we were able to get him something he can show off and we can pass down for generations. The price can be pretty intimidating but it is 100% worth every penny regardless of who its for.

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  10. Devon O’Connor

    My family loved it as a gift. Everything was in great condition and was amazing. The sword was impressive and the research they did was phenomenal!

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The Warrior Set is a true military representation of your family heritage! Your set comes complete with your heritage sword, a family shield bearing your family coat of arms, and a framed history of your family name. As we research and gain insight into your country of origin, we will complete your warrior set with a sword corresponding to your heritage.

In battle, a knight dressed in armor from head to toe was barely recognizable to either friend or foe, so a new method of identification became necessary. The result was special markings painted on the knight’s shield and on the coat worn over his armor. So, we see that Heraldry began as the mark of the warrior!

In medieval times, the sword was the most personal, prestigious, and versatile weapon for close combat. The heavy sword of medieval chivalry had a large hilt, with a large protective guard or pommel at the top. The blade was straight, double-edged, and pointed. It was fabricated through repeated firing and hammering, known as tempering. Toledo, Spain was a globally renowned center of the craft.

The beautifully decorated shield included in this set is fabricated in steel and features your family coat of arms in bronzed-steel embossing, mounted over baked enamel finishes. It is equipped with chain hangers and brackets for attaching one or two swords to the back of the shield. All coats of arms on your beautifully decorated shield are hand painted using true old-world craftsmanship.

The individual hand painted Family Crest Shield, custom hand crafted in Toledo, Spain is an ornamental triangular shield made of steel and converging in a point at the top. The frame is ornamented with brass.

A brass plated sheet is riveted in the center, onto which a riveted copper knight is individually hand painted to depict your family coat of arms.

Each Sword is certified and engraved with the stamp “Marto-Toledo” to signify that it was designed, developed, and manufactured in Toledo, Spain by recognized expert artists, craftsmen, and sword masters to bring you the very best quality heritage sword.

A mount is also included so you can proudly display and celebrate the weaponry used by those who came before you.

Each family name history includes your name’s country of origin, the meaning of your name, and a wealth of fascinating historical records.

All family histories also bear a Seal of Authenticity.

Included in this package is an old-world map of the country from which your family first originated. An impressive visual display from whence you came, the place your forefathers proudly called home and fought to defend centuries ago!


Corresponding to your family’s heritage

Hand Crafted

• Tempered AISI 440 stainless steel
• Family crest, custom hand painted by a professional artist

Shield Dimensions

31.5" x 18.5"

Copper Knight

9" x 6"

Framed and Matted Family History

20.5" x 15.5"

Framed and Matted Heritage Map

20.5" x 15.5"

Family Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Detailed explanation of all featured colors and symbols